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Malachi Man offers Discipleship Resources.


How does Malachi Man work?


Watch it on your own or better yet, in a group. You can run it in your living room or church with other fathers, sons and/or young men.

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Dim the lights and push play! Five engaging video sessions that pack a punch and get to the heart.


How did it impact you? What did you learn? How do you need to change? Each session has a dedicated time to go deeper with the men and sons in your group. Comes with Talksheets for you and your son to keep the ball rolling at home.

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picture of a motorcycle

Our Mission

Malachi Man exists to encourage, equip and empower fathers in identifying and fulfilling their biblical role of raising courageous, Christlike youth; while simultaneously helping youth honour parents and embrace wisdom.



What are the videos about?

“The Heart of it All”

picture of a medieval lego men Casting a vision for fathers to be disciple makers in their home.
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“Enemy Guns A’Blazin”

picture of a medieval lego men Recognizing the spiritual battle we are in and armouring up for it.
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“The Sword at Hell’s Gate”

picture of a medieval lego men Time in God’s word enables us to move our families towards hope.
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“Crotch Rocket Meets Tractor”

picture of a medieval lego men Practical tools to make you a better listener and communicator.
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“Highly Flammable”

picture of a medieval lego men Understand God’s design for sexuality and pursuing purity.
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“It’s helped me start devotions with my dad on a weekly basis. Thanks Malachi Man!”
Son – age 11

“My only regret is that we didn’t start sooner…”
Pastor – age 45

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It’s never too late to start moving in the right direction