Malachi Man Testimonies

So why run a Manhood Module? We’ll let these past participants tell you why:

“Helped me understand the God-given responsibility of leading my wife and kids toward God is doable. By God’s grace, starting small and accountability, I can do this.”
Father – Age 32

“Reminded me of many important things especially listening and asking questions, spending time with my sons weekly.  Opened up topics of conversation like sex and pornography.”
Father – Age 46

“It’s teaching me how men should conduct themselves and showing me examples of real men who are actively living as God would have them.”
Son – Age 17

“I came face to face with my sin shown in my shortcomings.  Humility and fear of God are crucial for becoming a godly man, husband and father (Lord willing).”
Single man – Age 22

“This module has taught me a lot about how to talk to my dad.”
Son – Age 15

“I am learning how to do devotions.”
Son – Age 10

“It’s encouraging to be with brothers in Christ who share the same vision for fathers and sons.  It’s quality time spent as father and son and it has promoted spiritual growth.”
Father – Pastor – Age 44

“Being more deliberate in interactions between me and my son and me and God.”
Father – Business Owner – Age 38

“I’ve become more responsible to lead my son in the faith.”
Father – Doctor – Age 41

“I value the drive for leadership in the home and with sons.  The change starts with dad.”
Father – Age 35

“I found it very empowering – it helped relate fatherhood to relationships in marriage and discipleship.”
Husband – Age 24

“I’m gaining some understanding and some tools in discipling my family.”
Father – Construction worker – Age 26

“I learned about the value of journaling and sexual morality.”
Son – Age 16

“Reminders of how important it is as a husband and a father to START the day off with reading the Bible.  It makes the entire day so much better.  Also to listen to what my sons say and not speak back too quickly.”
Father – Business Owner – Age 53

“It made me realize that I need to study the Bible for myself”
Son – Age 13

“Made me more aware of the spiritual battle and Satan’s tactics”
Single man – Age 29

“It has been an impetus to spend more time with my family in devotions and talking about the Lord.”
Father – Age 48

“The section on communication was especially convicting and it gave me some places to start changing.”
Single man – Age 25

“Each Malachi Man module I’ve been to deepens my relationship with my dad.”
Son – Age 14

“I appreciate your leadership Richard, how you are steadfast in your convictions but also vulnerable in admitting your mistakes.”

“This has been a huge help on many different levels. From understanding the basics of discipleship, the importance of building a solid foundation, to learning to listen. The time spent with fellow men who are of similar mind is great encouragement!”
Single man – 27

“Great reminders for our call as fathers to disciple our children. I have been convicted to change and improve the way I interact with my children.”
Father – Age 43

“Gave me clear instructions on how to wholeheartedly seek God.”
Single man – Age 20

“It’s helped me start devotions with my dad on a weekly basis. Thanks Richard!”
Son – Age 11

“I liked how I turned my heart to my dad and it brought us closer. Thanks Malachi Man!”
Son – age 12

“It has given me direction as a father to my sons. It has also provided me with a spiritual craving I longed for. A desire to fulfill my roles as a father, husband and ultimately as a MAN!”
Father – Pilot

“To make me think and evaluate heart issues.”
Father – Mechanic

“Helped me grasp what was going on and what the devil was doing in my life and how to stop it!”
Son – age 12

“Together we explore subjects of manhood rarely discussed elsewhere in my life.”
Father – Financial Adviser

“You get to spend time with your dad!”
Son – age 10

“Helped us develop a habit of “guy time” every week to read bible and manhood book.”
Father – Pharmacist

“It has given me a new vision/goal for my life by helping me realize I need to step up my walk with the Lord in the areas of: prayer, bible study, purity, and communication. Thank you.”
Single young man.

“Learning and getting tools to step up my openness with my dad.”
Son – age 13

“Malachi Man has helped me in so many ways.  I have been to three Modules so far and my spiritual life is only getting better.  I am learning the proper ways to become a man with God and growing in maturity and responsibility.  My relationship with my father is getting a lot better.  We’re talking more and I’m asking him more and better questions.  I’m also growing in my relationship with my friends and I’m looking at girls with more respect and love.  Thank you so much for helping me.”
Son – Grade 10

“As a Father I have intentionally stepped into Malachi Man with my son as this is the last year my son lives at home.  He will be graduating and moving away to University.  I chose to take the two of us into an environment that would give us permission….. No, actually challenge us, to speak up about things in our worlds that we need to talk about.  Sex, gaming, work ethic, godly wisdom, devotions, prayer life, money, fun, parties, etc.  This is our second Malachi Man session.  I am finding that speaking up and into my son’s life at this point is an interesting dance.  It takes practice.  Going to Malachi Man has required that we actually DO talk.  More…. Richard models servant leadership, humble fathering, Bible based life before us AND his boys who attend with us.  That brings home to the group, this is not a ” show” but real everyday how-to-do-it life.  Richard has some rambunctious and imaginative physical illustrations each time we get together, that have taken my relationship with my 18 year old son to different places – tug-o-wars, snowball gallery etc.  Good “Guy” stuff.  My only regret is that we didn’t start sooner. Thanks Richard, for your investment into me and my son’s life.”
Father – Pastor

“Malachi Man has renewed my pursuit of becoming a man of God…”
Son – Grade 10

Before attending the Manhood Modules with Malachi Man, the thought of getting married and raising children seemed daunting.  In a world with so many negative influences, it seemed impossible to raise Christlike children.  “Why bother,” I thought  “if they are only going to grow up to turn away from the Lord.”  But after attending the modules I began to realize that being a parent doesn’t mean letting my family get swept along in whatever direction the culture is going.  Even though the biggest influence on most kids today seems to be the media and their friends, it doesn’t have to be and in fact, it shouldn’t be.  At the modules I learned that parents (especially fathers) have the most influence on their kids; for better or worse.  For better by following their biblical role to disciple their children. For worse by not taking that role and abdicating that responsibility to whomever it may fall.  Wow, what a mistake that would be!  I learned practical steps to use this influence in the future to win the hearts of my children to be.  To love them and guide them and be an intentional spiritual leader in my home.  I want to get a head start and learn all I can about parenting, the way God says it should be done.  I want to learn from the wisdom of other  fathers who are in the middle of this journey of raising children.  I want to hear what they are doing to disciple their children.  I also want to hear about their mistakes so I don’t have to make the same ones.  The thought of raising children still seems like a challenge to me.  I’d be naive to think it won’t be.  But thanks to Malachi Man I now feel more prepared to parent well.  To train up the children that God may entrust to me one day, in the way that they should go so that in the end they would not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)
Young single man 

“Malachi Man has given many great tools and thought provoking discussions that have led to more open and frank sharing with my son.  The blunt talks about purity have been especially helpful as we work through dealing with porn.”

“It has made me closer to my father through our study times.”
Son – Age 13

“I learned to be more responsible for my life.”
Son – Grade 6

“Malachi Man is virtually the first ministry I have come into contact with, and been a part of, that calls fathers to take interest in and responsibility for their sons and daughters.  Not only that, but this ministry provided the necessary space and  tools.  I had been praying for something that my son and I could do together that was gospel centered and covered the pertinent issues of life.  Richard Snyder has created such a process with his ten-week Manhood Modules.  Truly a guy’s night out with other guys, and honouring to God.  My son and I looked forward to every second Friday at MM, we had a blast while there and we talked about it all the way home.  Spending time with my son and other likeminded fathers and sons through Malachi Man has been the biggest blessing.  It has been the only place I have known where biblical teaching  for fathers to their children is clearly and unashamedly taught and applied.  Well organized, down to earth and effective, thanks Malachi Man.”
Robin Martens – Father, Associate Pastor

“Malachi Man has helped me to have a better understanding of what a man is; heart to heart conversations with my Dad; homework; learning and dialoguing about the book content; helped give me a vision for my life and goals; learned about not going the Peter Pan Way (just goofing off, believing life is all about me) but rather to be focused on glorifying God; learned that sex is not dirty, or secret, but sacred; learned that the time I spend reading the Bible is well spent; learned to be wholehearted instead of wasting my time; I am thankful that my Dad made the time to take me to Malachi Man.”
Son – 11 Years Old

“Malachi Man has to proven to be a tool that has brought my relationship with my two teenage sons and I closer.  We are all now in a more open and honest relationship.  My sons also have a much greater understanding of what the role of their father truly should look like and they now have a stronger desire to hear what I have to say.  It’s obvious to me that they spend more time considering my words.”
Kevin Lawrence – Father, Shop Owner

“I have benefited from Malachi Man by getting closer to my dad with more heart based conversations.  I have learned about my dad’s past and what to watch out for in the world.  Malachi Man has been something to look forward to.  The book study is great because they give you time as a family to bond and learn together, then get in as a big group and share what you have learned.”
Son – Grade 8 

“An undertone of Malachi Man is that it is about direction and not perfection.  This is important for me to realize because there are so many ways that we can and do stumble as fathers.  If we stay the course and look long term we can positively influence our sons.  This journey is a shared one, for as much as I am doing this out of love for my son I am learning a lot about myself and my own walk with God.  I see my own life changing and I see my son’s life changing.  There aren’t radical changes occurring but our direction is gradually realigning to each other and most importantly pointing to the cross.”
Don Johnston – Father, Engineer

“To be a father is a challenge – to do it well is God’s desire for each father. Malachi Man gave my husband and son a platform on which to grow spiritually and mentally together. It was encouraging to see them excited to spend time discussing the Bible and other topics.  I know this has helped cement the love they feel for one another as we parent through the teen years. As they discussed and served alongside other fathers and sons, healthy male friendship was modeled and fostered. I see both my husband and teen son stepping up in their desire to live as Godly men. I thank God for His discipleship of my husband and son through the Malachi Man Modules which Richard has developed. The effect on our family is lasting.”
Wife and mother of Manhood Module participants

“God has worked on my life through Malachi Man in many ways.  One of these ways is being wholehearted and being a Christlike man no matter the cost.  There are not many ministries that help build up a man to be Christlike.  I greatly need the motivation Malachi Man gives.”
Young man – age 19

“It has been the water for growing the cultivated love for God and He is the sunlight”
Son – Age 13

“It helped me draw closer to my son Joshua. Malachi Man helped me draw closer to God as well.”
Father – Age 51

“It has encouraged me to be open to others in my struggles.  It has also taught me some wisdom, like to seek God’s will and not my own.”
Single man – Age 20
“Malachi Man has been a huge wake up call.  I’d never realized simple things I did in my everyday life were actually huge mistakes.  Malachi Man…  helped me change that and helped me grow closer to my father in many ways.  I thought I was close to my dad before but Malachi Man has grown us even closer.”
Son – Grade 6

“Through Malachi Man, I learned how to live as a Godly man. The fathers who participated in this module set the example of the ‘father’, and gave me a clear idea how to be a father and how to raise children. All the things that we have learned in this program can be applied not only to me, but also to my family, and my future children.  Also, I was able to know more about my brother Moses (12). Normally I chat with him a lot, but the conversation was not serious most of time. While studying the booklet, Moses and I had really deep and heavy conversations. We rarely had conversations about God, and never talked about sexual content. This season’s module is finished, but I am really glad that Moses and I are continuing to have deep conversations frequently.  Malachi Man is valuable in our culture because it gives a definite way to be a good father. It will help to build strong relationships with fathers and sons.”
Daniel Lee – Older Brother, University Student

“I have appreciated the straight forwardness and straight up talk about men and boys relationships and issues.  I am learning more everyday to be the father I always needed and leave my son a legacy to model after.  I’ve missed so much and left so many gaps so I thank God for Malachi Man, that it brings dads and boys together.  It brings life and hope when you’re not quite sure where to go.”

“For me Malachi Man has been very constructive in my personal time with God, in building my devotions and in my relationship with my father.  For me, this is especially critical as in the next few months I will be moving away for university.  Malachi Man is a great starting place for open relationships between fathers and sons, and between us and God.  the content addresses many current problems our culture and society fosters, many which I have personally struggled with.  The teachings of Malachi Man clearly lay out practical tools in open communication between fathers and sons and with God.”
Son – Grade 12

“This ministry has been a wonderful thing to not only invite men from our local body into intentional “fathering” with their son’s, but also neighbours and other church men. I know some of these men’s stories and watching them speak strong words of encouragement and to have them voice “what a real man is” when I know they are actually struggling in those areas is powerful…..   for them, and their sons.  Richard speaks strong words sometimes black and white words that men need to hear and act on.  Richard reminds us we are in a battle and our son’s are at real risk.  Thank’s for walking out your call Richard, we have been blessed as you do.”
Peter Jackson – Father, Pastor Black Creek MB

“Malachi Man has shown/helped me realize the core fundamentals of manhood.  It helped me in my faith as well.  The discussions were deep and there was always something meaningful being discussed.  In short, Malachi Man has been a huge blessing to me.”
Son, attending with a father figure – Grade 12

“Without a doubt, Malachi Man puts God’s plans for your life into focus… why couldn’t this Malachi Man series be continued all year round?”

“Malachi Man has helped us (my son and I) to be more intentional in our conversations about Christlikeness, manhood and faith in general.  Through biblical study, the interactions of the other fathers and sons and fun activities, we have had the opportunity to serve, lead and grow together as men.  Through our involvement in Malachi Man, Merin (age 14) has taken some responsibility in the study, preparation and presentation of biblical material which has encouraged us to explore the scriptures together. I have seen how important it is for me to acknowledge Merin as a man and encourage him to step into the role more intentionally.  I think many fathers raising young sons didn’t have fathers who intentionally built into them and or modeled biblical Christlike character, manliness as well as close relationships.  One or more was missing.  In my case it was Christlikeness and close father son relationship.  I know I would have really benefited from a father who enjoyed to spend quality fun time with me and who modeled Christlikeness…. My hope is that through his interactions with other Malachi Men, Merin becomes a more Christlike husband, father and community leader than I will ever be because he has participated and applied what he has learned.”
Brook Pearce. – Father, University Professor and Coach

“The biggest thing for me is the homework study time with my dad, realizing and uncovering hidden sin in my life and trying to make changes that will help.  Also realizing afresh the devastating consequences of sexual impurity, laziness, foolishness and not prioritizing time with God.  All the while I’m developing my relationship with my dad.”
Son – Grade 8

“Malachi Man for me was a really big eye opener to see what it really meant to be a Christlike man.  It really showed me the importance of the relationship between fathers and sons.  I really got to see this due to the fact that my father is not present in my life; so it was really nice to be around and learn from all of the other fathers that were there. Our fathers are role models -or should be- for us to grow into adulthood. Our adulthood should be to glorify Christ.  It also shows how youth need to grow into Christlikeness at a younger age because we are the next generation.  I believe Malachi Man would be great for our society because so many youth are choosing to live as a youth as long as possible when we really we should be maturing into Christlike adulthood. I would honestly suggest this to anyone who is curious.  It is a great ministry and I would love to see it grow.” 
Young man attending on his own – Age 17

“Malachi Man Ministries has been a great experience for my son and I.  It’s forced me to develop disciplines in Bible study, prayer and talking to my son about important subjects like what it means to be a godly, courageous man, how to live in sexual purity and how to develop our relationship with God.  Most importantly my son and I have moved through these vital areas together and the whole time our father and son relationship is developing as well.”

“This was my second Malachi Manhood Module series, and the program keeps getting better. While my son isn’t yet old enough to participate, I deeply appreciate the opportunity to support Malachi Man Ministries financially and with my wholehearted participation. Our engagement time together every two weeks and my weekly home study and devotional assignments profoundly benefits my relationships at home and in the community. Malachi Man both feeds and increases my hunger for God’s wisdom for men of all ages. Malachi Man is a great compliment to my other church and men’s ministry programs.” 
Curtis Scoville – Financial Planner

“As a father of three boys, I jumped at the opportunity to attend Malachi Man. When I heard that my 16 year old son and I would be attending group sessions with other father/son couples, discussing topics like; ‘what is courage’, ‘rising above mediocrity’, and ‘accepting responsibility for manhood’, I was very excited. We learned about the staggering statistics involving young men in our culture, clearly proclaiming a void in moral character, absent from relationship with our Creator. More and more today, manhood is being stolen away by lies from the enemy, and it is time we stood up to re-claim our true identity in Christ. If you have a son facing adolescence in this morally deprived world, I challenge you to attend a Malachi Man Module. If we all share in the God-given vision that Richard has, this ministry could change our world, and assist fathers and sons in living up to the true calling of God, one family at a time.”
Father, Self Employed