Session 5: “Highly Flammable” – Trailer

What do sex and fire have in common?  Both are awesome, enticing to boys and have amazing purposes.  But they can be devastating if proper boundaries are not in place.  Dads, we need to be talking regularly to our sons about God’s design for sex and helping them establish boundaries.  This video gives some practical help to get you started and carry on the conversation.

It’s never too late to start moving in the right direction

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  • Can I run Malachi Man? Yes, any man can lead a module whether you have children or not.  You could be a plumber, a pastor or a pilot as long as you want to grow in Christlike manhood.
  • How long is the module?  10 weeks.
  • How often do we meet?  Every other week for five video sessions.
  • How long are the meetings? Each meeting is about 2 hours long. Each video is about 45 minutes long with breaks for discussion.
  • What else is involved? 30 minutes of home study time per week with your son (if he is available). Optional fun activity ideas for the sessions.
  • What does it cost? $90 for the DVDs.  You may run Malachi Man as many times as you like.
  • What can I expect?  Gain a vision to have a father’s heart that resembles God’s heart for us.  Grow in your relationship with your son.  Gain practical tools to help you disciple those inside and outside your home.